You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.
How I Met Your Mother  (via ecartum)

wah abis lulusan kah? Selamat yaa

wahaha bukan kok, baru juga semester 2 :’) cuman angkatanku yang bikin arak-arakkan wisudanya gitu kemaren hhe hhe

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sekarang bapa kosan dan bapa satpam kanayakan tidak perlu lagi membukakan portal dan gerbang kosan untuk laras yang baru pulang sebelum subuh.

terus sekarang bingung mau ngapain (sok-sok lupa tugas2 yg belum rampung)

an_embarrassing_photo_turned_into_a_cute_art.jpg by yudhi

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HBD tensaiiiiiii ^q^ /peyukcium/ —izumidel

auw makasyi adeeeel /bales peluk hardcore

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Wah, HBD ya! —ayuuka

aaaaa makasiyyy!


a poem by krisan that bring me to tears

jawabnya ada di ujung langit

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another 2 assholes namely tina and nisa actually gAVE ME A FUCKING PAIR OF FAKE BOOBS. OF ALL THINGS, A GODDAMN FAKE BOOBS?? REALLY??? FOR REAL???? GuA TAW GUA RAtA TAPI GAk GINI. sorry no pic it doesnt looks like an actual boobs anymore anyways. kebanyakan di remes2 anak2 bentuknya jd gak keruan trs gue jijik jg lg ew. oh but here’s another gift from nisa and tina (oh and btw it was tina’s birthday too! awas lau gue cariin hadiah yg lebih aneh pokoknya)

……so ya a pink mask. pls dont ask me to wear it pls dont pls—

sorry i just cant help myself iT’S SO FUNNY AND WeIRD I L0VE IT. thanksalot tina+nisa!

me feat yami feat mini cupcake feat massive white candle

it was midnight and i was at mcdonalds waiting for anton and eky to finish their thing and then some waiter gave me this cupcake and a bill and p sure he was trying so hard on looking scary while telling me to pay for the bill. u tried and i appreciated that bro. and thank u eky+anton for the cute surprise! even tho i didnt know how to react bcs it was laTe and i was so slEepPY so i was just like “..huh? eh?? whaaa??” im sorry. and the next day anton placed a small pink candle on my studio desk hehehehehehe thats cute

birthday spam ahead!