haaay guuuise

went to Hellofest 8 with the usual gang. you know, those freakish…imbicile…kids..

and look what I got~

these are the only things I could afford sob. I wish I brought more money, there are so many cuuuute things. I can’t even

I mean, look at this cute M’ouch's bracelet

I should’ve bought 2 or 3 of it aaaaaargf  too cuuute.

hmmm that comic book on the left side looks so shiny, what’s so special about that?

let’s see…..

wow, so it’s a comic by Galang Tirtakusuma, the artist of Garudaboi. hmm hmmm…


AHAHAHAHA YUSSH. ok I know, I maybe overacting but I’m really happy.

BUT. just a signature wont make me hyped up like this.

well since Galang is there in his booth, being the shameless me, I…..

TOOK A PHOTO WITH HIM. AHAHAHA. along with Congski and Iqbal. yesh. we are Garudaboi-retarded. idk I didn’t even interested in taking photo with any cosplayer, yet I insisted to take a photo with him.

I almost stole that Yabi doll too. HAHA. stupid me.

Terima kasih mas Galang, telah bersedia meladeni anak2 binal ini. dan mohon pikirkan baik2 pesan terakhir saya waktu itu.

"Mas, saya single loh."



here =, have a poorly edited photo to end the post