【リク】 夏に去りし君を想フ — ARPK 2 【歌ってみた】

Because Alpacas are awesome.

cute voice is cute

Voice of VOCALO.ID presents;

#05. Langkah Pertama - RikuRikuRi+RouFleur
Illustration by TensaisBaka 

VOCALO.ID is a first Vocaloid album collaboration done by Indonesian. and Voice of VOCALO.ID is the ‘utattemita version’ of the album. the songs are released one by one on youtube until the full version album released~

the songs released so far:

#01. Venus Di Ujung Jari (RikuRikuRi)

#02. Keep Running (RAGADUB)

#03. Try To Live (chiE)

#4. Asal Ngomong (ittou)

the full package album will include Month of Music chorus by all stars. hurrr looking forward to it~ *w*