gue: Bagus lah lu bisa nge galau. paling enggak lu masih keitung cewek kan?

laras: Tapi itu menggelikan cong! gua tu geli!

gue: geli gimana!?

laras: itu tu kayak anak remaja !

gue: … .oh

why cung, why. and I thought we were friends…


I’ve realized dis for so many long ago. I am an Ugly person…

I couldn’t agree no more about it. Hope no one know this side of meh

I drawn this whale I looked at ma self in the mirror

what I desire…what I want…it’s everything…CANDIES!!

NU BBY YER NOT UGLYYYYY. we’re just too sexy for everyone. that’s why. those hair and nose are fabulous btw. km jgn galau y.