【リク】 夏に去りし君を想フ — ARPK 2 【歌ってみた】

Because Alpacas are awesome.

cute voice is cute

messing around with photoshop~ hahah. sorry about the lineart, it’s a messy pencil sketch I scanned from my sketchbook. tried to edit it in photoshop so I can colour below the lineart. but. yeah. messy sketch is messy. and my editing skill ish poor ;w;

btw, it’s ANIMA <3. he’s a nico nico douga singer(utaite). I really love his voice~ *A* and I just recently know that he’s the one who create the ‘Another’ series (Another: World is Mine, Another: Romeo and Cinderella, etc). baww that’s kewwl. wtf I’m so Informless

not to mention he’s extremely good looking. AHAHAHA. yeah, I’m such a maniac stalker that I manage to found his photo somewhere in the unicorn world~